Tuesday July 29th 2014

WIKILEAKS: Closer U.S. Ties with Rwanda Would Be a Mistake

Cable from American Ambassador to France

In one of the leaked US Embassy cables published by the website Wikileaks, US Ambassador to France reports back to Washington on terrorism, global security and France’s counterterrorism operations with Rwanda and other two countries on a cable referenced 07PARIS322.

Among other things, the Ambassador’s cable comments about arrest warrants issued by Judge Burguiere “one of the leading players in the French fight against terrorism, and a leading world expert in terrorism”.

The France’s chief counterterrorism Judge is said to have consulted with French officials, including President Chirac, in the cases brought against nine of President Kagame’s top aides for assassination of President Habyarimana and three French aircraft crew.

According to the cable, the American Ambassador was warned by the French Judge “that closer U.S. ties with Rwanda would be a mistake” and that the international community had a certain moral responsibility in pursuing  justice.

The French Judge “was not surprised by Rwanda’s official reaction, and said that the GoF [Government of France] had prepared for what it thought would be a violent response against French nationals”

Read the entire cable on Wikileaks here or see its copy on our blog here.

Watch CongoTV Video on International arrest warrants and General Kagame’s visit in Bruxelles 4th to 7th December 2010:

11 Comments for “WIKILEAKS: Closer U.S. Ties with Rwanda Would Be a Mistake”

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  • Sam Henry says:

    That helicopter was shot down by Hutu top brass in Habyarimana’s inner circle (coup de etat).The RPF might have bragged about taking it down, but now the whole world know it wasn’t the case. There’s quite a circus of betrayals and double crosses.Kagame was created by Museveni.He almost mirrors him. Good guys they are !!

  • Tafa says:

    You can choose a friend but not a neighbour, a little peace and prosperity Rwanda enjoys behind congolese innocent lives is just a soap buble, it is just a matter of time they will go back to square zero. I am keen to see how for long Rwanda will enjoy in its fragile strategy with his accomplices, congo ?, it is a complex conflict bigger than our generation life span

  • tazazi says:

    there is no way france could not come after kagame and rwanda in whole after it was accused of their role in the most dangerous genocide of our century,we sow them trainning and hiding the perpetrators,we sow them riding and dinning together with the killers,they were at the war zone to stop r.p.f advance with their mortars and heavy weapons so that the interahamwe can kill all the tutsis peacefully,they offered weapons and materials to their friend ex-hutu goverment that killed their fellow rwandans,they even gathered tutsi civilians by giving them fake hope of protection,after all tutsis were gathered these french highly trainned commandos could seize all their traditional weapons and could abandon them to be killed by groups of trainned and armed hutus!this history is known and it is true.so,after it was published,there is no way france was not going to react by clearing their dirty image and accusing kagame of lies or mistakes that any war leaves behind.to finish,let me tell you that every war takes innocent lives and that the war in d.r.c.was no different to any other war.if civilians were killed it may have occured by accident or by mistake but no one ordered it.if it was ordered that hutu refugees in zaire may be killed,why did we see millions of those who came back in rwanda peacefully accompanied by r.p.a. sordies?did they lack bullets to kill them?come and see;they regainned weight and lives peacefully and they are prospering day after day like any other rwandan,after the world had abandonned them to die of hunger and deseases in zaire camps and forests where they were held hostages by the interahamwe and ex-far.people who faced shame of defeat from the rwandans and who holds grudges and hate against rwanda i would like to remind them that whatever evil they can try they will never succeed coz good triumps over evil.learn from the history of the 1st&2nd world war and get a life.

    • kimonyo says:

      did you know how much the goernment of U.S supported kagame and his few followers?You had people supporting you and we had others supporting Haby’s govt!it is unforunate that we failed otherwise you and we carried out the same scenarios!B

  • Proxy says:

    I took great pleasure in reading. Thanks for the post.

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