UK: Rwandan Refugees Warned of Elimination Plans


UK Exiled Rwandans Protesting in Front of Embassy

Rwandan government allegedly might be planning a series of eliminations and acts of division within the Rwandan exiled community in UK by means of assassinations, poisoning and false accusations.

Newspaper Umuvugizi claims to have received intelligence materials that, following a meeting between military and intelligence authorities in Kigali, there are plans to eliminate exiled dissidents currently living in United Kingdom. The article containing the allegations was published on Saturday, 8th January 2011.

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According to Umuvugizi newspaper, on this meeting, a Rwandan military officer, Colonel Mupenzi might have received approval and budget to carry out his proposed plan.

A list of UK local representatives and supporters of FDU-Inkingi, RNC and Imvura political parties might have been drawn.

Umuvugizi also revealed that Rwandan officials might be concerned over the involvement of BBC Journalists with the opposition.

Harassment of Rwandan ex-soldiers is also claimed. It is alleged that two days after his return, officer Mupenzi instructed the Rwandan Embassy to call a certain lady Lieutenant Jeanne D’Arc Umulisa, a former Rwanda Defense Force servicewoman now in exile in UK since 2000. She was called in a meeting in a Nandos Restaurant in Huston, London where they met at around 17h30.

The article said that the meeting was led by Rwandan Ambassador Ernest Rwamucyo and was attended by Intelligence officer Jimmy Uwizeye and Mr. Murego also an intelligence officer.

It is claimed that Mr. Murego had fled his country in the past as did Lieutenant Jeanne, but he has been brought back to work under Kagame’s umbrella. Lieutenant Jeanne is a founder of “Wariyo Baka”, an association of Rwandan exiled ex-soldiers living in UK, Umuvugizi revealed.

Allegedly, Lieutenant Jeanne d’Arc was instructed to dissolve the association and to join RPF party or, otherwise, she would face serious consequences and soon realise her mistakes, in case she refuses to apologize and rejoin the ranks.

According to Umuvugizi, the Ambassador Rwamucyo might have warned her that, if she fails to dissolve the association of exiled RDF servicemen and to apologize, he would take steps to dissolve it and prove her wrong.

Umuvugizi’s exiled Chief Editor Jean-Bosco Gasasira claims that the Rwandan Embassy’s intelligent officers are currently tasked with locating certain refugees in the UK and to lure them into the plan. Other refugees will have to be watched closely to know where they live and what they do.

The plan also include silencing dissidents by ways of false accusations, using hired English people to be sent to wherever they are or in their homes, according to the Newspaper.

The newspaper Chief Editor claims that one of the main secret agents is a certain Mrs Abera, who resides in UK as a refugee. Abera allegedly is acting under the Diaspora initiative in locating Rwandans through her association with their wives.

Mrs Abera might have transformed her home into a pub to allegedly offer a place of meeting to the embassy agents and other refugee-disguised agents who are living off the UK taxpayer’s money.

The Umuvugizi article goes on to say that Rwandan embassy is using some of the defected soldiers who had exiled into UK and now living poverty. These young men have joined the intelligence network of spies and are targeting relatives of the late former President Habyalimana, supporters of Rwanda National Congress, United Democratic Forces as well as local BBC journalists.

“This intelligence Network has a deep hierarchy with different branches in the country. At the top of the largest branch is intelligent officer Jimmy who is an experienced spymaster” says Jean-Bosco Gasasira.

“Another branch of the network is the so-called Diaspora initiative. They use this organisation to locate Rwandans, learn what they do and what their political aspirations are that may be opposed to Kagame’s and to RPF policies.”

Umuvugizi warned “Rwandans living in UK especially those who are opposed to Kagame to be vigilant. They should avoid attending diner parties or same restaurants frequently“.

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