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Why the African Great Lakes Region

The Lakes in the region, in particular, the Lake Kivu have been caught up in deadly wars and ethnic conflicts from both sides of its shores. The lake Kivu is silently witnessing tragedies unfolding  in its surroundings, lethal conflicts which have led to the 1994 Rwandan Genocide, War crimes and crimes against humanity of the First and Second Congo Wars.

The Great Lakes refugee crisis is the common name for the situation beginning with the exodus in April 1994 of over two million Rwandans to neighboring countries of the Great Lakes region of Africa in the aftermath of the Rwandan Genocide. Many of the refugees were Rwandan people fleeing the Rwandese Patriotic Front (RPF), which invaded Rwanda in the run-up to Rwandan Genocide. The lake Kivu gained notoriety as a lake that many of the victims have to cross for shelter and safety.

The series of wars and genocides always result in immense suffering to millions of people. War and genocides have had far-reaching repercussions for both Rwanda and the Great Lakes Region of Central Africa. Today Rwanda is in crisis as its people are yet to come to terms with the tragedy befallen in their country. Some may say that reconciliation has taken place and matters are settled. Others think that underlying issues to the conflict have been swept under carpet and that true reconciliation is not possible until truth is brought to surface.

On the other side of Lake Kivu and Tanganyika, many armed factions are in conflict with each other in Congo, millions of Congolese have had to leave their homes and property to save their lives. The nearly 6 millions less fortunate Congolese have died over the past decade. Rape and sexual violence is rampant and the culprit are never brought to account, which makes it difficult to resolve the conflict. It is said that Congo conflict is the deadliest war after the second world war but yet the international media keeps silent on the conflict.

The Proxy Lake blog wants to be dedicated to offering to Rwandans, Congolese and their friends a platform for reflections on a pathway to a peaceful resolution on the Great Lakes Region crisis. One of the many ways to pave way to resolution is to seek to bring the truth to light.

• It’s your right to know the truth behind biased mainstream media.
• It’s your right to say what you think about the truth behind mainstream media’s headlines.
• It’s your right to be informed beyond mainstream media’s biased and inaccurate reporting.