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Former Rwandan Official Worries That Kagame’s Adminis­tration Is Back­sliding Into Mass Murder


When Burundian fishermen first discovered bodies in Lake Rweru on the border of Rwanda this July, the Rwandan government quickly denied involvement in the apparent murders. Months later, up to 40 bodies remain unidentified, and more have turned up, prompting…

The ‘Rwandan Despot Leader Brand’


The General’s public-relations team and lobbyists must find a Western university to decorate their principal with an honorary doctorate, for as minor a government function as repairing a 25km road. One of General Kagame’s public-relations agents is Andrew Mwenda, a prominent and respected Ugandan journalist.

(Burundi and Rwanda) Presidents’ Widows Appeal Obama Immunity for Indicted Murderer


The widows of two African Presidents slain in the 1994 missile attack on the Presidential plane that triggered the “Rwanda genocide,” filed notice with the 10th Circuit Federal Court of Appeals challenging “head-of-state” immunity granted to the current President of Rwanda, by the Obama
administration in Habyarimana v. Kagame.

Rwanda: A Home and A Prison

1930 prison1930 prison

Ms Victoire Ingabire, starts her time in prison in Rwanda at the time when Aung San Suu Kyi, the Burmanese woman opposition leader is free from seven years of house arrest, and Birtukan Miduska, the Ethiopian woman opposition leader gets some freedom after two years of imprisonment