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Each week we review a book that we considered of importance to the Great Lake Region of Africa and beyond

A different book on Rwanda: “La bataille de Kigali.”


I recently ordered and received the book titled “Rwanda: La bataille de Kigali.” It speaks to me in a particular way. It’s an untold story about the conquest of the Rwandan capital city KIGALI by the Rwandan Patriotic Front. I…

A Question to Immaculee Ilibagiza and Pauline Kayitare

Pauline KayitarePauline Kayitare

Do Pauline and Immaculee ever take the opportunity to acknowledge to their audience that, although their parents’ killers were hutus, also ordinary Hutus people have suffered during the same period you survived the genocide? Do their believe that there are thousands of Hutus boys and girls, who were going through almost the same experience as they and other many Tutsi did in 1994?

BOOK REVIEW: LE CHÂTEAU: The Lives of Prisoners in Rwanda

Le Château: the lives of prisoners in Rwanda tells the story of life in Rwanda’s prisons in the ten years which followed the 1994 genocide. In 2004, around 85,500 people were detained in Rwanda. Forty centimetres is the standard width of a prisoner’s individual space, where he sleeps, where he eats, where he sits, where he lives. He calls it his château, his castle.