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Hutu Refugees’ Deadliest Months in Congo – Part 1


October 1996 was the beginning of the deadliest and bloodiest period for refugees and population in Congo in general and for Hutu refugees in particular. On 18 October, the AFDL (Alliance des forces démocratiques pour la libération du Congo), was…

Crisis in the Congo: Uncovering The Truth

Kagame - Kaguta - Kabila (KKK)Kagame - Kaguta - Kabila (KKK)

Millions of Congolese have lost their lives in a conflict that the United Nations describes as the deadliest in the world since World War Two. United States allies, Rwanda and Uganda, invaded in 1996 the Congo (then Zaire) and again in 1998, which triggered the enormous loss of lives, systemic sexual violence and rape, and widespread looting of Congo’s spectacular natural wealth.