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President Paul Kagame, Deliver These Promises & We Let You Rule Us Forever!

President Paul Kagame, Please Deliver These Promises

Kagame’s project sequencing and completion rate are exceedingly poor. Connecting Rwandan districts with fibre optics to spread internet rushed ahead of the availability of electricity. Let us make a deal with Kagame – deliver & rule us

The Fifth of 5 Illusions a Naïve Visitor to Rwanda Falls for


It is an illusion to say that Rwanda is zero-tolerant for corruption, Paul Kagame plays three dominant roles that render him quite literally the ‘owner’ of Rwanda thereby making the conception of “conflict of interest” a sick joke

The Third of 5 Illusions a Naïve Visitor to Rwanda Falls for

First female presidential candidate, Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza - Arrested

Rwandan parliament, its women majority notwithstanding, is a toothless rubber stamp of the one-man iron-fist rule and an illusion. What you have in Rwanda instead is yet another PR-inspired fake branding shamelessly masqueraded as “women empowerment.”

The Second of 5 Illusions a Naïve Visitor to Rwanda Falls for

Book: After Genocide: Bringing the Devil to Justice

The post-1994 Rwandan history hardly paints a journey to reconciliation and long-term stability but an illusion. This is President Paul Kagame’s regime, a one-man thing demanding total allegiance in which a single diverging/independent thought is enough ground to become ruthlessly purged.

The First of Five Illusions a Naïve Visitor to Rwanda Falls for

The Rwandan Capital City of Kigali is an environmental catastrophe waiting to happen

Rwanda is not environmental heaven but one of the five illusions gullible visitors shallow when visiting Rwanda. Kigali is an environmental catastrophe waiting to happen. Kigali does not have a central sewage or a single treatment plant. Every private, commercial and industrial building still uses latrine either in its primitive form of a hole in the earth, or in its modern form

What Is Rwanda’s Foreign Policy? Seven Maxims of The Kagame Doctrine

Paul Kagame

Since the Kigali regime is a brutal militaristic, deceptive dictatorship under President Paul Kagame, to understand its agressive and immoral foreign policy you would have to appreciate the following seven maxims of the Kagame Doctrine

Facing a Dictator Kagame: By Which Way?


How can Rwandans get rid of Kagame’s brutal ruthless dictatorship that is killing, repressing and dividing our population, has effectively suffocated liberties and freedoms, and ultimately, how to establish a sustainable democratic political entity? Didas Gasana has done quite substantial reading about dictatorships, armed struggles, non-violent revolutions, yet none appears likely (or rather easy) at this time.

Victims of Tutsi genocide: Controversial Statistics

In 2005 Ibuka conducted a house to house nation-wide survey to determine how many Tutsi died during the Tutsi genocide. The number was around 355,745.

The New Times, a national English language newspaper recently quoted Dr Jean Pierre Dusingizemungu, the president of Ibuka, an umbrella body of Genocide survivors: “Ibuka strongly condemns President Kikwete’s statement as no negotiation is acceptable with a known terrorist group that is responsible for the death of more than a million Tutsis in Rwanda and […]

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