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Tutsi Congolese? Decency commands to keep quiet

Laurent Nkunda

By B. K. Kumbi Mary Robinson said: ”I think there is a recognition that we need to deal with the deeper causes because underneath the rebel group M23 is real grievance of Tutsis who don’t feel at home in their own country, the Congo.” If I had the opportunity to talk to Mary Robinson, I would ask her why […]

The Fall of M23 – A Very Expensive Loss to Many

M23 defeat a very expensive loss to Kagame

Before its defeat, M23 was seating on a very profitable business of the conflict mineral resource trade in the east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, smuggling tons worth hundreds of millions dollars out of the eastern Congo every year.

Rwanda: Use of Child Soldiers is Finally Beginning to Catch up

Rwanda use child soldiers

The Rwandan ruling party RPF has used child soldiers known as “kadogo” or “little ones”: children aged 15 and below, some as young as 11 for more than two decades now with no consequence for such a violation of international law, which Rwanda is signatory to. Recently, such a practice is beginning to catch up with authorities in Rwanda.

Rwandan students overseas forced to join Rwandan spy networks

Joana Gakwaya

200 Rwandan students have just received military and intelligence training in Gako military camp and are set to join spy networks around the world targeting Rwandan refugees and opposition

Reasons Not to Be Victoire Ingabire’s Supporter

Victoire- supporters and protesters

If you follow Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza on ethnic grounds, please don’t bother. She wouldn’t care less. You need to learn more about her and her line of thought before you decide to either support her or despise her.

Being Minister in Rwanda is a Kiss of Death

Monique Mukaruliza, ex-minister seeking forgiveness

Being minister in Rwanda is a kiss of death: once you are fired by the President of Rwanda, no one in the country will want to be associated with you not only in public sector but also in the private sector and NGO community. Your compatriots begin to avoid you like a plague. Careers are ruined.

The First of Five Illusions a Naïve Visitor to Rwanda Falls for

The Rwandan Capital City of Kigali is an environmental catastrophe waiting to happen

Rwanda is not environmental heaven but one of the five illusions gullible visitors shallow when visiting Rwanda. Kigali is an environmental catastrophe waiting to happen. Kigali does not have a central sewage or a single treatment plant. Every private, commercial and industrial building still uses latrine either in its primitive form of a hole in the earth, or in its modern form

Robbery: D.R. Congo’s deals with China and World Bank


Pure robbery when China proposed an aid package to the Congo. It was a mineral-2-Infrastrure deal and IMF and the West blocked it and replaced this deal with a debt on Congo in a form of robbery, by Kambale Musavuli

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