Why they Rape: Magic Portion.

“The weapon of rape is proving more effective than the barrel of the gun. It has the power to kill off communities, ostracize women, destroy families and tear the fabric that holds Congolese society together.” Chris Jackson

“I ask her now if she wants sex. Before I would not ask, I would just beat her if she did not want to have sex with me, until she gave in.” Ex-rebel soldier.  

Between 30 July and 2 August, at least 242 civilians were raped in 13 villages in North Kivu province’s Banamukira territory in the eastern part of the country.

Source: Congo rape soldiers: we abused our power, by Channel4

“Our actions were not adequate, resulting in unacceptable brutalisation of the population of the villages in the area. We must do better.” Mr. Atul Khare, the United Nations’ assistant secretary-general for peacekeeping.