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A second Rwanda genocide is revealed in Congo

U.N. report ties Tutsi soldiers to deaths of thousands of Hutus. The Congolese Hutu peasants who did were brought out of the thatched-roof meeting house two by two, to be bludgeoned to death with their own hoes, picks and axes. Some 300 villagers died that morning of Oct. 20, 1996, according to the local Observation Center for Human Rights and Social Assistance.

ICTR lawyers: No International Justice for Congo

Defense lawyers for the International Criminal Tribunal on Rwanda say that there is no reason to expect justice from an international criminal tribunal. the power of the U.S., the UK and their allies so distorts international justice tribunals that international justice is not possible. Because the United States controls the ICTR; because the United States controls the I.C.C.; because the United States controls the Security Council.

Rwanda’s other genocide,

The Rwandan government’s virulent reaction against the Leaked UN report, are in total contradiction with the hate speeches of President Paul Kagame, who has often praised the actions of the Rwandan army in the DRC. Watch the video to learn more. By DigitalJournal, 30 September 2010

Rwanda to Keep U.N. Contingent

Rwandan President Paul Kagame on Thursday backed away from a threat to withdraw his country’s troops from a peacekeeping mission in Sudan if the United Nations published a report accusing Rwandan soldiers of genocide in neighboring Congo in the late 1990s.

Victoire Ingabire: “Les crimes commis au Congo sont tellement massifs et bien documentés qu’une attitude responsable exigerait de coopérer avec la justice”

Notre présence au Rwanda a tout d’abord démystifié le régime. En moins de 6 mois, les opinions ont changé. Les gens se sont soudainement rendu à l’évidence que les miracles du régime n’étaient que le fruit de l’imagination. Les langues se sont déliées et la population a commencé à oser. 29 Septembre 2010

The Rwandan Patriotic Front’s Bloody Record and the History of UN Cover-Ups

by Christopher Black  in Monthly Review. 12 September 2010

Because I possess the series of ICTR documents beginning with R0002906, I also have in my possession an even more astonishing document the true historical significance of which has once again been underscored by the leaked UNHCHR report: Namely, the copy of a letter from Paul Kagame to his fellow Tutsi Jean-Baptiste Bagaza of Burundi, dated August 10, 1994.

Former RPA Major pins Kagame on killings

Newsline 12 September 2010

In a lengthy statement to The Newsline, Maj. Furuma, a former Rwandese Patriotic Army Political Commissar during the RPA war, and later Aide de Camp (ADC) to the former army Chief of Staff Gen. Kayumba Nyamwasa, further accuses his former Commander in Chief, President Kagame, of ordering killings of thousands of innocent civilians during the RPA war and after capture of power.

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