eg-179x300FDU-Inkingi is saddened by the kidnapping of key witness Emile Gafirita that occurred in a Nairobi suburb in Kenya last November 13, 2014. Former body guard to President Kagame, Emile Gafirita was due to give evidence early December in France on the downing of Habyarimana presidential jet that triggered the 1994 genocide. The French investigating judge, Marc Trévédic, has been examining the accuracy of his evidence since August 2014 without providing any adequate security measures in location to protect him. He knows that many other witnesses in this case have been murdered or have died in unclear circumstances.

Both Gafirita’s neighbours and the Kenyan police confirm that he was handcuffed and abducted by unidentified non Kenyan individuals around mid-night who rushed him in a waiting vehicle. Since then his fate is unknown.

There are convincing allegations that the French investigative judges disclosed Gafirita’s identity, location and evidence to the defence counsel of the Rwandan officials, close aids to President Kagame, key suspects in the case.

Prior to the abduction, facing death threats resulting to the exposure, Gafirita had informed and requested protection from the Kenyan local Police officials but to no avail.

FDU-Inkingi is outraged by the gross negligence and indifference from both the French and Kenyan officials in contact with the victim before the disappearance. They can’t run away from their greater responsibility.

We demand the French government to take specific steps for the protection of key witnesses in this case unmercifully exposed to reprisals and retaliation by powerful suspects still in power in Rwanda, notoriously known for their involvement in numerous cases of disappearances or assassinations of Rwandan citizens, both at home and abroad, especially in Kenya since 1996.

Eugene Ndahayo, Chair

Reunified Executive Committee.