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Robbery: D.R. Congo’s deals with China and World Bank


Pure robbery when China proposed an aid package to the Congo. It was a mineral-2-Infrastrure deal and IMF and the West blocked it and replaced this deal with a debt on Congo in a form of robbery, by Kambale Musavuli

The World Bank in the African Great Lakes Region


 By Kambale Musavuli 23rd May 2013 – Today the World Bank Group announced $1 billion in proposed new funding to help countries in Africa’s Great Lakes region provide better health and education services, generate more cross-border trade, and fund hydroelectricity projects in support of the Great Lakes peace agreement that was signed by 11 countries […]

Firms Linked to Conflict Minerals May Face Prosecution


New proposals to pursue those who benefit from the illegal exploitation of minerals have been broadly welcomed by activists – although some argue this would impoverish communities dependent on the trade. Under new measures put forward by lawyers and human rights activists, companies who profit from the trade in so-called conflict minerals in countries such […]

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