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Tutsi Congolese? Decency commands to keep quiet

Laurent Nkunda

By B. K. Kumbi Mary Robinson said: ”I think there is a recognition that we need to deal with the deeper causes because underneath the rebel group M23 is real grievance of Tutsis who don’t feel at home in their own country, the Congo.” If I had the opportunity to talk to Mary Robinson, I would ask her why […]

Is Obama Calling Out Congo’s Neighbors Enough For Peace In The Congo?

Obama Calling Rwanda's Neighbors

During his state visit to Tanzania, responding to a question from a Congolese journalist, President Obama said “the countries surrounding the Congo, they’ve got to make a commitment to stop funding armed groups that are encroaching on the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Congo.”

Robbery: D.R. Congo’s deals with China and World Bank


Pure robbery when China proposed an aid package to the Congo. It was a mineral-2-Infrastrure deal and IMF and the West blocked it and replaced this deal with a debt on Congo in a form of robbery, by Kambale Musavuli

The World Bank in the African Great Lakes Region


 By Kambale Musavuli 23rd May 2013 – Today the World Bank Group announced $1 billion in proposed new funding to help countries in Africa’s Great Lakes region provide better health and education services, generate more cross-border trade, and fund hydroelectricity projects in support of the Great Lakes peace agreement that was signed by 11 countries […]

Firms Linked to Conflict Minerals May Face Prosecution


New proposals to pursue those who benefit from the illegal exploitation of minerals have been broadly welcomed by activists – although some argue this would impoverish communities dependent on the trade. Under new measures put forward by lawyers and human rights activists, companies who profit from the trade in so-called conflict minerals in countries such […]

Rwanda: A Home and A Prison

1930 prison

Ms Victoire Ingabire, starts her time in prison in Rwanda at the time when Aung San Suu Kyi, the Burmanese woman opposition leader is free from seven years of house arrest, and Birtukan Miduska, the Ethiopian woman opposition leader gets some freedom after two years of imprisonment

Bosco Ntaganda and Rwandan Security Agents Accused of Assassinations

Bosco (AKA "The Terminator") Ntaganda (picture by The Guardian)

Ntaganda should be arrested and made to answer for his crimes, rather than being allowed to walk freely in Goma,” said Anneke Van Woudenberg, senior researcher at Human Rights Watch. “He is a threat to the people of eastern Congo and is making a mockery of the Congolese government’s policy of zero tolerance for human rights abuses

No Two Acts of Genocide Are Dealt With the Same Way by the UN


There seems to be no precise standard procedures on how to recognize and deal with acts of genocide. Since the convention on the prevention and punishment of the crime of genocide, there have been crimes that were officially characterized as genocides. In places like Rwanda, Yugoslavia or Sudan, conclusions were formally reached by different entities.

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