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Paul Kagame admits to abusing his army officers and directors

Paul Kagame beating rage

Paul Kagame gets violent outbursts. He doesn’t deny physically abusing his staff. Jeffrey Gettleman, a New York Times’ editor tells the beating story from every former colleague of Kagame.

The Third of 5 Illusions a Naïve Visitor to Rwanda Falls for

First female presidential candidate, Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza - Arrested

Rwandan parliament, its women majority notwithstanding, is a toothless rubber stamp of the one-man iron-fist rule and an illusion. What you have in Rwanda instead is yet another PR-inspired fake branding shamelessly masqueraded as “women empowerment.”

The Second of 5 Illusions a Naïve Visitor to Rwanda Falls for

Book: After Genocide: Bringing the Devil to Justice

The post-1994 Rwandan history hardly paints a journey to reconciliation and long-term stability but an illusion. This is President Paul Kagame’s regime, a one-man thing demanding total allegiance in which a single diverging/independent thought is enough ground to become ruthlessly purged.

Lion of Africa? Paul Kagame’s Dangerous Delusions of Grandeur

The political culture in Rwanda remains comparatively closed

By Dr. Theogene Rudasingwa In a letter to the Wall Street Journal of May 19, 2013, written for him probably by his spin doctor, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, President Paul Kagame states: “This has been our approach in Rwanda. We have decentralized the state, reformed our business sector and strengthened our institutions. But we […]

Which part of Victoire Ingabire’s speech is evidence of divisionism?

Victorious Victoire

Victoire Ingabire’s speech on unity and reconciliation has been submitted as evidence in the court of law on divisionism and revisionism charges leveled against her. We took a close look at the content of her speech and we are asking our leaders which part is really evidence of divisionism.

UK: Rwandan Refugees Warned of Elimination Plans

UK Exiled Rwandans Protesting in Front of Embassy

Rwandan government allegedly might be planning a series of eliminations and acts of division within the Rwandan exiled community in UK by means of assassinations, poisoning and false accusations according to Umuvugizi newspaper.

Rwanda National Dialogue or Another “Animation”?


In this year’s “Rwanda national dialogue” that took place in Kigali in December 2010, we saw a rising trend that proves that Kagame needs praises. His version of “animation” is called “national dialogue” mentioned nothing of reconciliation but only clappings.

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