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Rwanda: Use of Child Soldiers is Finally Beginning to Catch up

Rwanda use child soldiers

The Rwandan ruling party RPF has used child soldiers known as “kadogo” or “little ones”: children aged 15 and below, some as young as 11 for more than two decades now with no consequence for such a violation of international law, which Rwanda is signatory to. Recently, such a practice is beginning to catch up with authorities in Rwanda.

Rwanda National Dialogue or Another “Animation”?


In this year’s “Rwanda national dialogue” that took place in Kigali in December 2010, we saw a rising trend that proves that Kagame needs praises. His version of “animation” is called “national dialogue” mentioned nothing of reconciliation but only clappings.

Firms Linked to Conflict Minerals May Face Prosecution


New proposals to pursue those who benefit from the illegal exploitation of minerals have been broadly welcomed by activists – although some argue this would impoverish communities dependent on the trade. Under new measures put forward by lawyers and human rights activists, companies who profit from the trade in so-called conflict minerals in countries such […]

President Kagame Fails to Sell His Development Style to Europeans.


Attending the 5th edition of European Development Day in Brussels, Rwandan President Paul Kagame missed his Keynote Address and his meeting with Belgian Prime Minister was cancelled but he was met with protesters over United Nations mapping report on grave human right abuses and crime that could be classified as genocide.

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