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The First of Five Illusions a Naïve Visitor to Rwanda Falls for

The Rwandan Capital City of Kigali is an environmental catastrophe waiting to happen

Rwanda is not environmental heaven but one of the five illusions gullible visitors shallow when visiting Rwanda. Kigali is an environmental catastrophe waiting to happen. Kigali does not have a central sewage or a single treatment plant. Every private, commercial and industrial building still uses latrine either in its primitive form of a hole in the earth, or in its modern form

Kagame vs opposition: For how long will the ‘genocide ideology’ myth survive?

Proxy Lake

Kagame readied himself with the ‘two tools’, the genocide and ‘genocide ideology’, weapons he knew he would unleash against all who would want to expose the dark side of things about Rwanda and his regime, prominent among them the former President Pastuer Bizumungu and until recently, Victoire Umuhoza Ingabire.

Andre Kagwa Rwisereka’s Family Speaks

Andre Kagwa Rwisereka

Democratic Green Party Vice-President Mr Andre Kagwa Rwisereka was found murdered last July 2010. Throughout this difficult moment, his family had remained quiet about their father’s passing but have now chosen to express and share with the rest of Rwandans and friends, their experience.

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