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Reasons Not to Be Victoire Ingabire’s Supporter

Victoire- supporters and protesters

If you follow Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza on ethnic grounds, please don’t bother. She wouldn’t care less. You need to learn more about her and her line of thought before you decide to either support her or despise her.

The Second of 5 Illusions a Naïve Visitor to Rwanda Falls for

Book: After Genocide: Bringing the Devil to Justice

The post-1994 Rwandan history hardly paints a journey to reconciliation and long-term stability but an illusion. This is President Paul Kagame’s regime, a one-man thing demanding total allegiance in which a single diverging/independent thought is enough ground to become ruthlessly purged.

Lion of Africa? Paul Kagame’s Dangerous Delusions of Grandeur

The political culture in Rwanda remains comparatively closed

By Dr. Theogene Rudasingwa In a letter to the Wall Street Journal of May 19, 2013, written for him probably by his spin doctor, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, President Paul Kagame states: “This has been our approach in Rwanda. We have decentralized the state, reformed our business sector and strengthened our institutions. But we […]

How reconciled is Rwanda’s ethnic divide?

How reconciled are we?

Despite relative cohesion on the surface, deep ethnic animosity, bitter memories and hatred lie beneath, writes Didas Gasana Testifying before the packed audience at Telecom House in the capital Kigali about Rwanda’s successful reconciliation story, on Sunday, January 29 2012, Louise Uwamungu from Rweru Sector in Bugesera District, noted thus: “Unity and reconciliation can never […]

Documentary: Victoire Ingabire vs Paul Kagame

poor-parent child

This documentary video on Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza shows how Rwandan government always reacted disproportionately and desperately against her and other people or organisations who slightly disagrees with its policies. The video also documents how the government uses any means to silence any voice that talks about the RPF Crimes committed on the Rwandan people.

A Question to Immaculee Ilibagiza and Pauline Kayitare

Pauline Kayitare

Do Pauline and Immaculee ever take the opportunity to acknowledge to their audience that, although their parents’ killers were hutus, also ordinary Hutus people have suffered during the same period you survived the genocide? Do their believe that there are thousands of Hutus boys and girls, who were going through almost the same experience as they and other many Tutsi did in 1994?

Which part of Victoire Ingabire’s speech is evidence of divisionism?

Victorious Victoire

Victoire Ingabire’s speech on unity and reconciliation has been submitted as evidence in the court of law on divisionism and revisionism charges leveled against her. We took a close look at the content of her speech and we are asking our leaders which part is really evidence of divisionism.

How to Spot a Rwandan Racist


Five signs of racism in Rwanda If in Rwanda there are laws against divisionism, revisionism or genocide ideology, it is because there are people with divisionism out there. I have noticed signs of racism during my last visit home or from messages and discussions I have with my fellow country people online. Listen carefully, you […]

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