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U.N. Report confirms Victoire Ingabire’s position

Victoire IngabireVictoire Ingabire

Months before the UN report was published, she was the first female Rwandan to publicly defy Kagame’s regime, on Rwandan soil, by mentioning war crimes committed to Hutu people during RPF military campaigns. Arriving Rwanda since 16 years, besides acknowledging the Genocide against Tutsi, she equally mentioned crimes against humanity committed to Hutu people in history of Rwanda.

Kagame wants better treatment from U.N.

Kagame at UNKagame at UN

Despite that Rwandan army is being accused of being the principal author of what could be classified as genocide crimes in Congo, President Kagame complains that Rwanda is being classified in what he calls the second class of member nations that need to be coached on human rights solely based on the country economic status.