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The Third of 5 Illusions a Naïve Visitor to Rwanda Falls for

First female presidential candidate, Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza - Arrested

Rwandan parliament, its women majority notwithstanding, is a toothless rubber stamp of the one-man iron-fist rule and an illusion. What you have in Rwanda instead is yet another PR-inspired fake branding shamelessly masqueraded as “women empowerment.”

A Question to Immaculee Ilibagiza and Pauline Kayitare

Pauline Kayitare

Do Pauline and Immaculee ever take the opportunity to acknowledge to their audience that, although their parents’ killers were hutus, also ordinary Hutus people have suffered during the same period you survived the genocide? Do their believe that there are thousands of Hutus boys and girls, who were going through almost the same experience as they and other many Tutsi did in 1994?

Rwanda: “Victoire Ingabire is our source of courage and strength”

Prisoner Victoire Ingabire

Victoire Ingabire remains a symbol of a national struggle, a freedom icon and a democracy martyr. FDU INKINGI party members visited party Chair Ms. Victoire INGABIRE in Kigali maximum prison.

Rwanda: A Home and A Prison

1930 prison

Ms Victoire Ingabire, starts her time in prison in Rwanda at the time when Aung San Suu Kyi, the Burmanese woman opposition leader is free from seven years of house arrest, and Birtukan Miduska, the Ethiopian woman opposition leader gets some freedom after two years of imprisonment

FDU-Inkingi at a Crossroads


Victoire Ingabire bail was rejected by the Gasabo court. The verdict meant that she was going to spend another 30 days in humiliating and inhumane conditions. The court’s no bail decision came as no surprise to her or to her party FDU-Inkingi. Does the party know what to do next?

Cellule d’Isolement de Victoire Ingabire Déjà Préparée

Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza     Political Prisoner

La Prison de Kigali aurait reçu l’ordre de préparer la cellule d’isolement pour Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza, révèle le journal Umuvugizi. Victoire Ingabire devrait être emprisonnés dans des conditions très dures, où elle fera face à de nombreuses difficultés depuis qu’elle sera détenue en isolement carcéra

Plan d’Elimination d’Ingabire Victoire par les Services Secrets Rwandais

General Rwarakabije

Suite à une fuite d’information dans les services secrets de Kagame, le rédacteur en chef du Journal Umuvugizi Jean Bosco Gasasira a révélé qu’un plan d’élimination de Madame Victoire Ingabire a été conçu par le colonel Dan Munyuza assisté par le Général Rwarakabije.

Leaked: Rwandan Secret Services’ Plan to Eliminate Victoire Ingabire

General Rwarakabije

On a tip off from an informant from Kagame’s secret services, Umuvugizi newspaper Chief Editor Jean Bosco Gasasira revealed that a while ago the plan to imprison Madam Victoire Ingabire was engineered by Colonel Dan Munyuza assisted by Army General Rwarakabije.

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